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JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Angela Sun

todayApril 19, 2022 10

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    JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Angela Sun martydukebox

DukeCast China
JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Angela Sun

JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Angela Sun


Huili JH English Department are continuing to hold monthly writing competitions. February’s challenge, ‘Down With the Internet’, was to write a persuasive article to argue in favour of or in opposition to the following statement: “The internet is negatively impacting how we live our daily lives, forcing us to live in a virtual world rather than the real world.” We’re very pleased to have Angela Sun from G8E with us today who earned third place in the competition! We welcome you to please listen to Angela as she interviews with Mr. Dean and shares her perspective!


Third place article below;


Down with the Internet by Angela Sun


In modern society, Internet permeated in every second of our life, people and Internet are inseparable. Undeniable, Internet is a great invention of human-being, it promotes the development of society massively.  However, the negative effect of it is also tremendous, especially for teenager.


The forerunner of the Internet is ARPA, established in 1969, connected four major computers in United State, and the main purpose is to provides users with valuable resources to share the computers since there were only few of them in that time. With the increase of the number of computers, more and more people use the Internet as a tool for communication, the potential of Internet was tapped. As the invention of portable computer and mobile phone, Internet became gradually commercial and entertaining, lots of attracting apps start appeared, such as games, videos, social medias…… These functions have strong attraction, even adults can’t refuse it, not to say children. Therefore, people are easy be addicted to Internet.


I believe everyone have heard a word from our senior: Health is the most important thing in our life. In fact, Internet is bad for our health. Internet is the digital net connects electronic devices, thus, the “electronic devices” is necessity. When people using them, they must bend and lower their head, which would lead to neck and waist pain; also, they usually sit for a long time, and sedentary is totally bad for human body, will cause lots of symptom, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease……Furthermore, stare at screen too long time would result in short-sighted and dry eyes.


Of course, Internet not only affects our physical body, also influence our mind. Now, I want to tell a story of my own. When I was younger, I had used a social media called Weibo, it is similar with Instagram. I participated a fans club of a popular star. I understood lots of professional and fashionable words, and I saw everyone have different status on Internet. I discovered it is depending on the amount fans and comment. Under the vanity, I did everything I can to increase these numbers, of course, I spent a load of times. Whether I got the result I want or not, which I didn’t, it is a huge waste of efforts and time.


Moreover, violent can also happen on internet. Because the internet users are anonymous, people can do whatever they want and do things they never dare to do in reality. The dark side of human is horrible, it’s bottomless. Cyberbully is very common on internet, people usually humiliate and revile the victim in an inhuman and crazy way. Lots of people are suffer from cyberbully, it would dramatically affect their mental health. On the Internet, people are often irrational and easily influenced by others’ opinion. All kinds of rumours always appear, because it is no cost, and often touch a blank area of existing law. What’s more, some person who harbour unkind thoughts would hire big number of users saying specific comments to impact ordinary users’ thought. Virtually, your thoughts may also be affected, even become a cyber perpetrator unconsciously.


Therefore, in my view, the cons of internet are inconceivable. As an adolescent, I believe keep distance from internet is necessary. We can not imagine how much harm the Internet will bring to us.


You could be on featured on Dukebox in the future too if you participate in our writing competitions! Our competition this month is “Information Leaflet on Qing Ming Festival.” We also have the “Wellington English Competition” across our Hangzhou, Tianjin, and Shanghai campuses.

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