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JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Grace Xin

todayJune 23, 2022 13

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    JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Grace Xin martydukebox

JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Grace Xin

JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Grace Xin


Huili JH English Department have held their final writing competition of the year! This month’s challenge was ‘Descriptive Essay,’ and pupils were challenged to write a descriptive account of encountering a fierce animal in the wild. Grace Xin from 7A

returns again as the runner-up for this month’s challenge! Her descriptive essay is full of sensory language and precise word choice. We welcome you to listen to her interview with her English teacher, Mr Speers, as Grace shares her experience writing this article.

We will return next year with a brand-new JH Writing Competition series! We look forward to your participation. In the meantime, have a fantastic summer and watch out for wild animals!


This Episode Is In English



Second Place Article Below;




I am a novice photographer working for National Geography, and I have just been given such one of the most exciting assignments of my life–to spend a week taking pictures of the African prairie! I arrived in the darkness, so that was not much I could see. However, I could smell the distinctive aroma of wet grass, implying recent precipitation.

I was awoken by something icy and furry on my face, and it was moving across my face and downward toward my mouth. It felt like a tarantula. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My scream was echoed by the deafening roar of a lion so clamorous that it nearly broke my eardrum.

I have never heard a ferocious roar in my life. Curious to see what magnificent creature could produce such a commanding roar, I quickly grabbed my camera and rushed downstairs.

There it was. Resting in the sun’s glory, the Lion looked at me contemptuously with the disdain of an animal who is keenly aware of its utmost superiority.  A majestic presence approximately 3 meters tall and 260 kg, its golden fur glistened in the sun.  Its topaz eyes conveyed extraordinary intelligence. The profound darkness of its pupils declared its power over me, and doubtlessly all the other creatures on the African prairie. Its smell of power and death sent a tremor of primal fear through me. It remained still enough to entrance me and my camera. I stood hypnotized while my experienced hands continued to take a picture of this awe-inspiring creature.

The Lion gave another roar, this time less loud but still loud enough to frighten all the other animals in its surrounding. It was as if the Lion was merely testing its power. I stood in awe as I witnessed all the other animals scurrying away.

There was one unfortunate zebra who didn’t move fast enough. Or perhaps the zebra was stunned by the redoubtable form of the Lion. It stood dumbfounded as the Lion approached to give the Zebra one fatal bite on the neck. The zebra fell silently to the ground, blood gushing soundlessly from its neck. The glaring red stained the emerald greenness of the verdant grass. The metallic smell of the blood was pungent in the air. I was instantly reminded of Christmas’s red and green theme, doubtlessly a Christmassy feast for the Lion.




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