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JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Tina Chen

todayDecember 9, 2022 24

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    JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Tina Chen martydukebox

DukeCast China
DukeCast China
JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Tina Chen


JH English Monthly Writing Competitions – Tina Chen

Our JH Monthly Writing Competition continues! We’re very pleased to share stories from our winning writers in October’s competition, ‘Spooky Stories’, which challenged pupils to write a story that evokes terror! We’re proud of our winners: Tina Chen (1st place) in Grade 9 and Karen Zhang (runner up) in Grade 8. We welcome you to listen to them interview with Mr. Speers and Ms. Cannaby as they share their perspective on the writing process and read their haunting tales. We recommend listening with the lights off – or the lights on if you’re easy to be frightened!


You could be on featured on Duke Box in the future too if you participate in our writing competitions!


Winning Article Below;



There was a thing waiting in the darkness.

It was an ancient, cruel, and paced in the shadow leashing in his mind, and had been brought here to fill him with its primordial cold. Some invisible barriers still separated them, but the wall crumbled a little more every time the thing stalked along its length, testing its strength.

He could not remember his name.

That was the first thing he’d forgotten when the darkness enveloped him weeks or months or eons ago. Then he’d forgotten the names of the others who had meant so much to him. He could recall horror and despair – only because of the solitary moment that kept interrupting the blackness like the steady beat of the drum. A few minutes of screaming and blood and frozen wind made him shivered.

So, he remained bound in night, witnessing the scream and the blood and the impact of the flesh on stone. He knew he should struggle; knew he had struggled in those final seconds before it has manipulated his whole body…

He saw it. An evil, vicious demon. A desperado. A tyrant. An unhuman being with no love and feelings in its dead meat body. He remembers the first time that they met each other: he was a boy full of bravery, and regardless, never thought it was too late to make this tiny mistake– He gave away all his love and exchange it with his astonishing reputation. By the end of making all his choices he thought he would stop, but he underestimated the ability of it—he wants more. He wants everything to be his, he wants to get everything he could get and turn it into money…but it is already there waiting for him to drop in his trap, tortured him and ripped him into small pieces. When he realizes that he was wrong, it is too late, no chances for him to redeem and regret. He begins to be shriveled and collapsed into senseless, numbness meat.

He had never felt this way before, like burst of pain flowing in his blood, but also same as a wisp of cold breeze burning on his skin. It doesn’t feel good after the thing devour all his thought mind, he wants to stop himself by controlling his body, but it doesn’t seem to work, his mentality and sanity was uncontrollable and unpredictable.

It now flowing around people until it finds someone to devour. All of us know who it is but everyone seems to ignore it. Its name is —–desire.




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